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H.o.n.e.y.b.u.l.a.n vII : The Floating Market

We did asked for a private tour guide at the hotel, as we don't want to trouble ourselves  the next day. His name is Mr. Raiwin, a very nice and humble man. Bargain punya bargain, kami dicaj 2000 baht for the whole trip consists of The Floating Market, The Rose Garden Riverside, the local market (i can't recall their thai name..sorry!), the biggest Gems Gallery yang sebesar-besar alam dan sempat juga tengok Chao Phraya River yang sebesar-besar laut. (Ade over tak expression aku.. :p). Okay la tu private service just for the two of us from early in the morning sampailah terbenam matahari. Memang guna sungguh-sungguh la kiranya..Enjoy the piccas!

Pic nie taken malam 1st sampai di Bangkok. As its very hard to find halal-muslim food in Bangkok, we went to Nana area, suggested by the hotel receptionist, which is well-known as a Arab Street for the locals. Tapi memang tekak nak makan tomyam juga, kami tutup mata dan tekak for the Lebanese, Arabic,etc.Tomyam! its a must! yummy..

Nie lala ke kupang ek..~~cedapp!!

Makan time! Jumpa one Malaysian couple kat sini, pasang telinga kuat-kuat rupanya orang utara jugak~~rasa macam dok kat Perlis/Penang lak..~~~                   

Back to business! On the way to Damnernsaduak: The floating market at Pechaburi area. It tooks about 2 hours to reach there from our hotel.
Itu la tangan Mr. Raiwin, our private tour guide :)

Arrived at the first pier to the market. It was very congested and pack with people. We decided to go the the other pier, as we don't want to take along queue. Agreed!

Reached at the second pier. A lot more relaxing rather than the first one. We 're served with special welcome drinks! The coconuts! Oyeaahh~~
Inside the boat. The whole boat trip costs about 1000 baht per person.
Look at the market itself. It is very unique and full of colours. You can ask your boat driver to stop by if you want to buy anything from the shops. Window shops also available here~~hehe

Part of the boat trip and canal tour is stopping by at the coconut sugar factory nearby.

Editing in progress! Will upload tons of piccas later.


  1. Wow. Best nampak. Bila aku dpt p ni? Byk solaan nak tanya ni? hehe~

  2. mmg best! Nanti bebila cuti ajak la ari pi,x rugi..cuma makanan ja 'failed' kt cini..a little bit was-was..hehee

  3. Tak pa, kalo ari mau p, kami bawak maggie satu beg galas.. haha... (wat cam pulun sket nk pi..)